Thirty-Six Hours

“Next stop: Parma,” the conductor announced. Vanessa and I snatched our suitcases and hustled to the door where five others were waiting to disembark: a young Italian couple, a young Asian couple, and a middle-aged Italian woman. The train stopped, but the doors did not open. “Shouldn’t we be getting off?” I commented to Vanessa … More Thirty-Six Hours

Trusting my wings

Dear Solo Travel, You were like a high school crush. I felt so drawn to you. I yearned to get to know you. I wanted to test the waters and see if we might go well together. But at the same time, I was afraid of you. I was nervous you wouldn’t accept me the … More Trusting my wings

From Poland to Prague (and back to Poland again!)

After a long, uncomfortable, smelly 6.5 hour overnight bus ride we were finally in Prague. It was 6:15am and the bus hadn’t passed any particularly mesmerizing sights, but I could already feel the magic in the air. If I’m being honest, that magical sensation could have been a byproduct of the NyQuil I had taken as … More From Poland to Prague (and back to Poland again!)